uso de soluções nos diferentes processos de vendas

Understand the use of Mobile Cloud Solutions in different Sales Processes

Planning is an essential part of the sales industry. It is the one that allows the optimization of the processes, in order to increase the efficiency of the team and to guarantee a differential before the competition. And in times of such a competitive market, nothing like technology to intensify actions in the field and at points of sale (POS).

Digital transformation has shown that mobility can benefit businesses in a variety of ways. With that in mind, we show below how using solutions in different sales processes can ensure better business results. check it out!


The first step in implementing mobile cloud solutions in the sales industry is tailoring the field teams and their routine. The goal is to ensure that the environment is prepared to receive this type of technology in order to enable employees to make the most of it.

For this, it is worth offering training to ensure that the sellers know the strategy of the company. This means, for example, showing the importance of a close relationship with customers.

At the same time, it is important to define detailed routines so that everyone is prepared to perform their tasks.

The backoffice, for example, should provide reliable information to the field teams, who in turn must plan the tour itineraries and organize the data for each client. With the routine organized, technology can bring much better results..


With the market becoming more competitive, it is fundamental to adopt solutions that optimize sales processes. Information, in turn, is the key concept to make this strategy work. To respond swiftly to market demands, field sales teams must have reliable and relevant data at hand.

In this sense, mobile solutions are the best option, as they allow the monitoring of the market and customers in real time. With the establishment of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), the company grows in competitiveness.

Offers can be adjusted during the day to increase the chances of conversion. Thus, a mix offer, for example, can be used in response to a competition promotion. To complement, the purchase process becomes faster with the issuance of Electronic Invoice (NF-e), even offline.


The first major differential is productivity growth. With rapid sales actions, the company offers what emerges as market demand. In addition, the use of time is much better.

Field teams, for example, have a 360º view of the customer, without having to trigger the backoffice during service.

The seller, in turn, has quick access to technical information, prices, combos offered in deals and the like. Thus, he works as a consultant, who overcomes objections and converts more sales.

Customer satisfaction also grows significantly. Today, no one wants to waste time on long calls – the consumer wants a personalized and agile contact, exactly what the mobility allows.

Technology is therefore the future of business relations. Invest in the use of solutions, such as WinTheMarket, which ensures increased productivity and efficiency for different sales processes. Get in touch with MC1 and stand out from the competition.

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Point-of-sale (POS) performance has been increasingly significant for those looking for increasing financial results.

And with the digital transformation, a series of new strategies began to be adopted by commercial managers to optimize trade marketing practices.

Among them, the use of mobile solutions is worth highlighting. With consumers increasingly demanding and the market’s strong competitiveness, it is necessary to make intelligent use of information.

Therefore, we show here the gains in mobile solutions for trade, how to reach them and what their benefits are. Check it out!


Process automation has always played a central role in the evolution of production and sales strategies. However, in recent years, it has gone a step further: after all, it is not enough to produce large scale and agile – it is necessary to meet the specific demands of the market quickly.

Therefore, it is necessary to identify the unique scenario of each store, its positioning in the market, what the demands of customers and the like. With that set, it’s time to pick up reliable data and turn it into relevant information to set the sales strategy.

In practice, this means, for example, getting to know the customer and his needs better. Thus, it is possible to establish a mix of products, to define prices more appropriate and to make the delivery more quickly. What’s more, you have to do it with agility – which leads to the role of technology in this process.


With mobility solutions and an active backoffice in agile information collection, the company raises data in real-time and makes it available for sellers access. The practical result is full registration of store information and speed of response to customers.

If a competitor establishes a promotion, for example, the company can act immediately and thus be more competitive. The POS becomes more responsive to the demands that arise – both correctively and preemptively.

That is, a promotion that does not work is quickly corrected, while a prospect of increased sales of a product is answered with more stock to avoid the lack at the critical moment.

There is, consequently, a decrease in disruptions in the natural sales flow. Thus, the company is able to take better advantage of the opportunities.


With the rapid technological evolution, companies that do not invest in innovation tend to have difficulties. Today, having mobility and market monitoring solutions represents a significant competitive advantage.

After all, with them, the company gains agility in accessing information that can favor the conversion of sales. Similarly, new consumer demands can only be met with a strong digital presence.

It is necessary, then, to benefit from the Internet to delineate the profile of the consumer, as well as to understand their habits, their needs and their preferences. And with mobile devices in the hands of field teams, this action can be adjusted in real time.

The market tends to converge to the use of technologies that automate sales processes.

Seek the gains in mobile solutions for trade and take the lead in this new phase, while winning new customers and loyalty to the old ones!

Wondering how this change can occur in the context of your business? So get in touch with us and talk to anyone who understands the subject to know how we can help you.

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