mobilidade e estratégia de vendas

How can mobility aggregate value to your business?

Time. This is the most expensive asset these days, isn’t it? With a fast paced routine, each minute of our day means the world, including those moments to visit clients and attract new business.

A good way to collect meaningful information and make time to perform fieldwork efficiently is using tools and solutions to improve the sales strategy in your company.

Among all kinds present today, I highlight all those focused in mobility. After all, when we have all of our clients’ essential information available to us, we have more ways to close a sale.

In this text, I’ll show you how mobility can be a strong ally for your business. Check it out!

How can mobility work with sales strategies?

The first thing to do is change the mindset. There’s the need for both the managers and the sellers to have a 360° view of the client. This means they have to be able to assess the ideal mix of products, to check sales and negotiation history and also to understand all possible details so they could give fitting advice and credits to the consumer’s needs.

Therefore, to create sales strategies unified with the mobile first concept is essential to achieve good results. But what does mobile first means?

Mobile first as prioritizing the development of apps for mobile devices. It sounds like something simple, but, in truth, it’s about much more than simply adapting already existing desktop solutions to mobile. It’s about changing culture, which means the manager must imagine the business as being fully connected and engaged in real time. The manager must also invest in other technologies, as cloud computing, big data and even gamification.

I’ll give you an example of how the mobility solution improves a company’s sales routine. Imagine a sales promoter from your company notices a rupture in a competitor product or price on a sales point. The normal procedure would be to contact the back office, wait for the information to be secured and then get into action. This process takes time and can make the company to lose money.

Now, if the promoter uses a mobility solution, the information can be sent directly to the seller, who can act without the back office team. This interaction makes the information go faster and can end in a new sale.

Did you see how the information available in the mobile can make a promoter your seller in a few seconds?

How can the solution benefit your business?

We know that, with mobility, comes the idea of several sales channels acting in an integrated way to help the seller to find market opportunities. But there is more when choosing the solution. See:

  • faster information exchange;
  • easier decision making;
  • information centralized;
  • automated processes;
  • instant data capture;
  • Real time sales processes monitoring;
  • safer information storage.

All these advantages, however, are part of the mobility solution final goal, which is to make the information go to right professional, at the right time.

It’s also worth remembering that, to be more efficient regarding all mobility solutions, the companies must be integrated with the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), which is a management system.

This tool is like the heart of the company, as it stores all important data from all clients. That’s why the mobility solution can deliver to the outside seller all details about the consumer, allowing him to adapt his reasoning and his offers to close the deal.

What must be done to implement the mobile solution?

No company wants to lose the chance to be more competitive, right? As I said before, time is of the matter. Therefore, any solution that brings positive results must be included in your business.

Thus, from the moment the company has an ERP system, it can implement the mobile solution so it can automate the commercial team and increase its productivity.

The mobility solution should have some features so it can meet the company’s needs. Some of the main features are:

  • to provide BMP (Business Project Management) techniques;
  • to have a high processing capacity, so it can dismiss the clients’ infrastructure;
  • to encourage collaboration and information transparency between teams;
  • to provide offline processing so it can speed up the automation processes not relaying on mobile connections;
  • to optimize the sellers’ route by integrating it with navigation apps (GPS);
  • to be compatible with iOS, Android, web and desktop;
  • to have a friendly and custom interface so it can make it easier for the client and its team to use it;
  • to allow the field team to perform sales and marketing strategies;
  • to have smart feedback tools, so it can be continuously improved;

After checking all those features, the client will be sure that they have chosen the ideal corporate mobility option for their business.

Another important tip is training the team to use the solution. As I said before, a change of culture is needed. So remember: the mobility applications are not supposed to spy or control the seller; they are made to provide relevant information, to make the job easier.

The market is changing and there are new technologies each day, all of them made to help companies to innovate. Mobility is one of the most relevant and expanding options these days, and it can be easily used in companies from any segment.

As manager or seller, you must remember that mobility isn’t a trend, but a reality for the market of several products and services. That’s why if you don’t adopt it, you’re frozen in time. And nobody likes to lose to the competition, right?

So here comes a valuable tip: start using mobility solutions on you sales strategies right now. MC1,, for example, is a good option for your company. Besides improving your teams’ performance, MC1 can makethe processes smarter, ensuring more efficiency for your business.

Best regards,

Priscila Ribas, MC1 New Business manager.

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