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Keeping a high sales rate in food industry may be a real challenge. The current market competitiveness is really high and it makes necessary to search for ways to improve the processes and to offer a differential to the client.. In this way,  digital transformation may be an important ally.

Investing in technology makes it possible to improve the processes and to create a real revolution on the dynamics of point of sale (PoS), back office and all the company. With this in mind, I’ll show you which practices you have to adopt to increase sales on food industry. Check it out!


Nowadays, improving processes mean much more than just moving an activity to a software or hardware – it’s about inserting them with an essential factor of digital transformation: intelligence.

This means to change actions that were guided by the employee or manager’s feeling and to provide a solid base for decision making. That is, the company must act according to the specific needs of the market at that time.

If the competition offers a surprise promotion, for example, the field promoter is able to find it and he can offer a solution for the situation. Therefore, the sales loss is prevented, something that wouldn’t happen without the technological solution working for the sales processes.

Likewise, it is possible to identify new market demands and meet them quickly. This requires automation of all market research actions and, at the same time, of all mobility technologies, so all the relevant information can reach the sellers in real time.


Back office and PoS are complimentary sectors. While supermarkets do stock and gondolas replenishment, the “behind the curtain” professionals must provide a strong support to increase sales. If this relationship is stronger, the results will be even better.

A good example is the product display on a PoS gondola. If your company has a contract with a supermarket for seven gondolas fronts, it’s primordial to ensure that the field professional has this information. He, then, goes to the stock to take the merchandise and he can organize them on the shelves according to what was established for the marketing and commercial strategies.

This process excellence also depends on the automation tool. Otherwise, all data is disorganized and outdated, as there is not a direct and in real time connection with the field professional.

What many people don’t see is that this relationship must be also strengthened between the external agents and the PoS. In this sector, the moment of the sale happens when the consumer pass by the gondola. If there are products in stock, but they’re not on display, there’s no way they’re going to sell. In the same way, the field professional is responsible for ensuring all the promotions established by the company turn up on the shelves.

If there is a healthy relationship with the PoS, this process is improved. Given that the industry deals with supermarkets working with promotional or volume warranties, it’s crucial to ensure all actions reach the consumer. Otherwise, he’ll choose the competition and this will compromise all the production chain.

It’s worth noticing that the above mentioned market research directly influences the process, and it can create frequent adjustments insights which must be done to seize opportunities. You correct any supermarket procedure mistakes and, at the same time, improve your sales strategy.


Even if your sales management is the most efficient, the results are hardly going to be satisfactory without the engagement of the team. Field professionals must be aligned to the company strategies, making it possible that the established actions truly reach the final consumer.

That’s why, when you implement automation solutions, you have to offer your teams training and retraining. Do your best so that the software and all mobile devices are well used, so that they can create the expected impact. Promoters have to pay attention, for example, to predictive and corrective rules used in the market.

If a sales opportunity arises, you must detect it quickly. If a price chance is needed to increase sales, the response time can make all the difference. This kind of action stands out even more in the field.

A promoter who notices a competitor promotion, for example, can study about that action logic, its goals, risks, possibilities, etc. With that, his visitation stops being passive and becomes active, as it generates action and reaction insights for your company strategy.

That depends, of course, on the professionals proactivity and motivation.


Data that work as base for decision making in your company must be extremely reliable. With the current technology, it’s possible to raise a huge amount of information related to the market — however, the back office must make the work of the sales team easier, delivering them everything that will turn into a sales differential.

In other words, it’s important to define more relevant parameters and priorities for teamwork.

Even if it’s necessary to identify new sales opportunities, a decrease in prices of some of the competition may be even more serious. This kind of event represents a change that might have gone unnoticed. Therefore, the PoS response time can make all the difference.

The commercial automation allows you to reach several benefits, mainly the performance increase. Even so, it’s on the foundation of the sales processes that it must be well used – that is, in the 4 Ps (place, price, product and promotion). These are your success pillars and they must work as a guide to the efficient use of technology.

A product mix or suggested campaigns, for example, are actions that aim to extract the best performance possible from the available tools. The system creates the insight, the team puts the action to work on the PoS and follows the results closely.

All of your company’s sectors can benefit from this kind of action, not to mention the significant improvement on teams productivity.

In crisis times, technology, as the one present in the MC1 cloud mobile solutions, increase sales on food industry, providing the needed stability to ensure business growth.

Leave your comment here to tell me about you strategies to improve sales processes. I’m sure MC can multiply efficiently your sales results.

Best regards,
Leonardo Rocha
MC1 New Business Manager

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