5 ways to sell more with a Perfect Store Tool

When creating the Perfect Store, the products are selected and organized proving an additional incentive for the shopper to buy the product, increasing revenues and profits.

Accessing the right information, at the right time, by the right person is key to a flawless execution!

At MC1, we are obsessed with the field sales process for CPG and manufacturing! Check it out our innovative features for Perfect Store execution that are already available to be added to your sales processes!

1. Visibility, dynamism and competitiveness

Quick market turnarounds and competition mapping assure assertiveness and strategic presence. Having the ability to validate shelf and backroom inventory position (avoiding out-of-stock), make an almost real-time decision unavoidable imperatives. With the Perfect Store, you can divide your retail execution map based on different categories, assigning the right range punctuation and evaluation: you can control all micro-tasks, but always seeing the macro view.

2. Actionable intelligence

Don’t let your sales guys take hot in-field decisions about everything. Every single data and info must lead to action. If the user identifies an anomaly in the PoS the user must alert the cross-organization. Missing product or bad brand positioning? No problem, the user has the ability to manually suggest a change in the sales order, or even place an Emergency sales order. Want to do it automatically? The Digital assistant is already an available technology providing real-time insights, with ready-made answers for the fast reaction at the right time.

3. Real-time communication

Promotion messages, alarms and data between all sales and distribution stakeholders need to be exchanged from the Merchandiser (Promoter) to the sales representative, to the planning manager. The RTC provides fast communication between field and back-office department enabling the identification of an issue in the PoS, and solving right away, during the store visit.

4. Shared management reporting and scoring

To sell more, every sales process stakeholder needs to be involved and accountable for their clients. With shared management reporting and scoring, the system provides client visibility, schedule planning, route effectiveness and services notes, even holding the sales rep responsible for any generated scheduled delivery returned products!

5. PoP, Displays and asset control monitoring – Image recognition

How about image recognition to speed-up PoS Mapping? Monitoring and management of promotional material per store including performance evaluation must be included in the performance indicators. Store provided assets such as refrigerators, displays and containers are an industry responsibility and shall be used exclusively for brand positioning and promotional activities.

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